The land In the mountain kingdom of Thanatops life and death are not events, but currencies. Currencies which the lords of the land use to maintain order and conduct a posturing war against each other.p.
The Kings The Dragon Kings maintain order through the land via the unsurpassable military strength they bargained from the dragons long ago. Prior to the dragon kings reign, this land had been ruled by a malevolent dynasty of tyrannical Lichs. In order to displace them the rebellion leaders used mighty magics to fuse their souls with those of dragons. The war was long and harsh, dragon fire cooked the mountains of Vandril to obsidian and collapsed the under-dark of Sarnath. Out of these flames however emerged a blood drenched peace.p.
The Priests The Priesthood of Idunn stands opposed. Idunn is the God of this land and she walked the earth in the 351st year of the reign of King Isaac. When she spoke her words become gems and the gems become miracles. The church has spent the last 200 some years attempting to gather all these gems to chronicle her teachings and make use of their miraculous powers. Powers which trounce deaths mightiest attempts and assure the priests influence within society.p.
The Future The Dragon Kings accuse the Priests of aligning themselves with the lichs of yore by freely manipulating life and death so cheaply. The Priests accuse the Kings of using military force to rule uncontested, like the ancient lichs. All the while both sides work furiously to learn more of the powers of life and death to gain some advantage over the other.p.

Prometheus Unbound